Students at Divya Gyan College are not only engaged in the regular syllabus rather they will have a chance to come across a unique teaching methodology.  We live by a belief that students should not be joining the university just for the sake of a graduate certificate, they should possess a calibre to operate their skills in a real-time environment and with a minimum supervision.  Ergo, we have planned to engage our students in different non-credit courses, which will help them to give a good exposure and empirical knowledge to work in their respective workplaces. Therefore, the probability of finding a job after the completion of the course is relatively higher.

Step I:

We have a very good faculty with years of experience. They will share their experiences which will help students to internalize theoretical knowledge. Additionally, the classes are equipped with multimedia projectors which will help the trainers to better conceptualize the subjects via audio-visual and multimedia presentations.

Step II:

Our courses are not limited to the 4 years syllabus only. We have refined our methodology to engage students in different non-credit courses during the 4 years time. Students will be involved in professional courses to give them the knowledge of different areas. Our workshops will help the students to get essential practical and technical knowledge from various experts of different fields.

Step III:

We have established the relationship with different industries where we can place our students for internship. Divya Gyan College is promoted by a group of professionals who are themselves engaged in various business organizations like Software Company, Training Institute, Bank, Hotel, Public Relation Management, Media and Human Resource Organisation.

Step IV:

At the final stage, we will help students to get jobs in different industries based on their interest and expertise and cope up with various challenges that they face during their career.