The concept of apprenticeship is not new to us. BCA is a technical field and we believe that students can only understand the true meaning of IT after they start their career. Hence, starting a career IT has been a challenge these days since we see that the number of IT degrees and IT graduates are increasing day by day. Therefore, seeing the need for apprenticeship Divya Gyan College has started a new concept of “earn while you learn”.

Earn While You Learn: Why is it crucial?

It is a common practice to start an internship or job in the last semester. However, students do not get good opportunities as expected after their graduation. Neither do they get an internship nor job since they only have a foundation of different courses they take during the course of study. Students aren’t prepared enough to do jobs in a particular area except for a few students who start professional training in their early phase. Earn while you learn philosophy enables you to implement you learning from the very beginning. Consequently, you’re likely to learn relatively faster and confidently than those who are just into studying.

Earn While You Learn: Implementation Strategy

Divya Gyan College has developed a unique teaching and learning methodology where our BCA students will be assigned to jobs right after the first year depending upon their interest. Divya Gyan College will help students to get professional training in different areas in IT from the inception of the BCA course. Students can make a choice of their career path and select the courses of study accordingly beside the curriculum. Hence, after the completion of the professional training, students will be provided a short internship. After the completion of their internship period, students will be assigned jobs for a certain duration on a daily basis which will help them to grow professionally.

Earn While You Learn: How is it possible?

Divya Gyan College believes that students can carry both studies and jobs simultaneously for certain hours daily since that will help them to visualize whatever they are learning in real time. It will add more enthusiasm to them and they can focus more on their studies since students can easily relate their courses to their working area. In the early phase of their career students can start working for certain hours i.e. 4 hours daily. Moreover, our BCA graduates can start with simple jobs and later on they can add more experience to the same area or switch to a new area depending upon their interest. Some of the areas where students can start doing jobs are mentioned below:

– Web designing
– Graphics designing
– Digital marketing
– IT support
– Networking
– Application development
– Multimedia and animation
– Game development and so on.