Divya Gyan College is a principal Institute for Management and Information Technology. The college currently offers a Bachelor’s Degree in IT and Management. We are outstanding business educators and the college is the perfect destination for the students who are interested in careers in communication and technology-oriented business sector. The college was established and structured by a team of dedicated, result-oriented and eminent academicians and professionals with the motto of “Unleashing Limitless Possibilities” through strategic innovations in education. It is located at the heart of Kathmandu valley at Kamaladi Mode, Kathmandu and is committed to providing students with clear practical ideas.

The college is affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU) for BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) and BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) programs. It aims to provide the inquisitive learners with all the necessary facilities, to make them stand on their own, in the days to come.

The college aims to provide non-credit courses every semester. Students will get the opportunity of learning global certification courses along with BCA degree. The college provides the students the opportunities to advance their skills in business research and data analysis. We also offer management training by the professionals who have a wide array of experience in the same field. Divya Gyan college also prepares students equally in the field of IT so that they can apply their management skills through tools and techniques provided by IT.

Intellectual, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual growth of students is the prime goal of the institution. We are committed to producing students who would become capable and responsible citizens of the world.

MISSION AND VISION: Divya Gyan College

Divya Gyan College aims to establish itself as one of the prominent educational institutions of the country. Divya Gyan also initiates to boost up students with innovative ideas and concept which facilitates them to reach the pinnacle of success in their career. The adequate access to knowledge of highly proficient managerial and business skills which are guaranteed in Divya Gyan would enhance self-confidence, independence and positive attitude among students. Divya Gyan College is planning to extend its programs even further by introducing more management and IT courses that are affordable and within the reach of students having average economic status. We also aim to offer admission on other career-oriented educational programs offered by many universities.