We have our sincerest outlook on our students’ careers. To us, a degree is not only a certificate of completion of studies rather it is evidence that you possess the calibre to operate in a real-time environment. Therefore, we have taken quite a lot of time in meticulously design and cover the course content. In addition, we have state-of-the-art resources in designing the infrastructures and resources within the college premises so that they are accessible in the easier way possible. Our manpower, including our professors and lecturers, have years of hands-on experience in their related field. Besides, the courses are encompassed in the most practical way possible with basic theory knowledge.  Hence, you feel more like involving in a task rather than just taking a back seat, listening to the lecture in order to understand a topic.

Furthermore, our careers success relies upon students’ ability to implement their understanding into reality rather than just understanding the concepts and passing the exams. We are devoted to engineering your capabilities and knowledge rather than just teach you. Therefore, we have enforced re-engineering of our teaching pattern. As we are linked to various IT training institutions, we would be involving you in the professional training from the very first semester. You understanding shall be accessed on your ability to accomplish your projects assigned by our trainers and lecturers. We cover a wide scope when it comes to Information Technology whether it be programming, networking, data science, designing or security. Besides, we encourage and assist you in getting the certification courses acclaimed by the top-notch employers worldwide. Moreover, we carry out various workshops ourselves and make no exceptions for the field visit, which we believe is crucial for the understanding and accumulating your first-hand experiences on a given topic. We are also looking forward to tying up with the renowned IT companies in the following days and have already linked with many of them. Therefore, internship and job opportunities after studies should not be a complication to deserving students. With all these roadmaps for teaching methodology and its execution, we have our assurance that your time and riches shall not be a futile investment.

It is gratifying to announce some of the pleasing careers options that BCA scholars can work on after the completion of their graduation, which is mentioned below:

  • Software developer
  • Mobile apps developer
  • Network & security expert
  • System administrator
  • Database developer and administrator
  • Project manager
  • System analyst
  • Business development officer
  • Software tester
  • Game developer
  • Animator
  • Web designer
  • Graphics designer
  • Data analyst
  • IT officer
  • Project manager
  • Digital marketing expert

We welcome an opportunity to work together and look forward to accomplishing the university journey with you!