Divya Gyan College offers the degree of Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) in affiliation with Tribhuvan University, the oldest university of Nepal. The course program is developed by Faculty of Management and acquires globally recognized equivalence.

4 Years Bachelors is the most popular course in Nepal with the enrollment of students over 50 thousand each year. This course offers advanced knowledge of business and management realms.


BBS at Divya Gyan is a highly practical course that can be acquired at a relatively lower price. We believe that the economic situation must not be a barrier to achieve the excellence.

4 Years Bachelors

The degree of bachelors with 4 years education is the most effective as well as globally recognized course. The newly revised program demands extensive practical knowledge through a meticulous analysis of the business sector.

Jobs and Career Prospects

BBS is one of the best career-oriented course in Nepal. The possibility of finding opportunities in high-level management post in business houses is relatively higher for the students with a BBS degree. Moreover, it builds strong foundation for the individuals who want to be an entrepreneur and set up their ideas into actions.

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) at Divya Gyan College

Category: Bachelors

Course: Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS)

Faculty: Management, Accounting and Business Studies.

Duration: 4 years

Affiliated to: Tribhuvan University

Divya Gyan’s Bachelor of Business Studies provides a broad-ranged business qualification. In this program students can select the subjects that they are interested to pursue to meet their career objectives where they will be able scheme their own focus of study by selecting from a wide range of available subjects.

Our BBS program provides a general undergraduate business qualification for the students with extensive range of qualifications and accepts those students who have completed their +2. If you have already been in some workplace and are looking for a change in career or aim at gaining better qualifications, then this degree is what you are looking for. This degree will also ensure that you form the foundation necessary for a specialized postgraduate business degree and hence, provides overwhelming possibilities of further study in Nepal as well as abroad.

Subjects: Some of the necessary subjects that this program will cover are:

  • Economics
  • Accountancy
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • International Business
  • Banking and Finance
  • Information Systems
  • Tourism


Divya Gyan College’s BBS program attempts to:

  • Provide exclusive conceptual knowledge to the students regarding business and administration in order to cultivate a managerial perspectives.
  • Help the students to involve and engage in the Nepalese society by practicing entrepreneurial skills in order to bring effective change in their sector.
  • Provide the necessary foundation for postgraduate studies in management and begin careers in management, teaching and research.
  • Build a foundation among students to adapt and grow as a competitive and responsible business manager by developing practical skills, abilities and attitudes.
  • Help the students to inspire new initiations to establish their own corporate organizations and business enterprise.

Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.
Paul Hawken.

Minimum Requirements:

The minimum requirements to enroll in our 4-year BBS program are:

  • +2 or PCL Passed
  • Pass the entrance exam conducted by the affiliated college.

Furthermore, Divyagyan has launched Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) program, affiliated to TU, to students who are aspiring to build their career in IT sectors.