Divya Gyan College has genuine sentiments for its students’ career and we understand how crucial the amenities are in order to assist student’s learning. Ergo, we have given immense care on how the resources could come in handy to every individual who will be with us during their courses. Our infrastructures are unbeatable and through cutting- edge technology, we assure you uncompromised quality assurance. We also aspire to advance towards the bleeding-edge technology in the following days to enhance our services and resources.

  • Exposure to professional training in each semester
  • Internship Facility
  • Job placement

Below are the resources and infrastructures that we have been providing to our students:

Professional Training Center

Divya Gyan College has enough infrastructure and human resource to conduct professional training (non-credit courses) which helps students to gain professional exposure along with their academic degree. Our plan is to help students to get the best opportunity in the market in different sectors.

Global Certification Center

Divya Gyan College has industry association with professional training center having Global certification center where students can learn and take exams of Globally certified courses like Java Certification, CCNA certification, Microsoft certifications and so forth. Divya Gyan College is planning to extend relationships with various international institutions so that the students can get maximum benefit for international programs at a very competitive cost.

Industry for Internship

Divya Gyan College has already established relationships with various software companies and ISP where students can get the internship opportunities to fulfill the partial requirement of the degree. On top of that Divya Gyan College is planning to give students internship opportunities from the very first few semesters so that they can become competent in their area before the completion of the degree.


Divya Gyan College has both library and e-library so that students can learn materials developed by both local and international experts.

Our Amenities:

  • Multimedia projector enabled classroom
  • Seminar Hall
  • Professional Training Centre
  • Playground
  • Parking
  • Spacious classroom
  • High-speed internet facility
  • Individual books for students in the library
  • Computer Lab
  • Digital Library